Globalization and Movies

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Globalization and Movies

Globalization is the spread of different political, economic and cultural trends to different parts of the world. (Stanford) American media has spread rapidly throughout the world, and at the forefront of the media blitz is film.

Movies are an unbelievably important escape for many people across the world. Films can take a viewer to another place or time and since the beginning of society, performances have been a staple of cultural. Films show a perception of reality, for better or for worse. Many see films and the cultural that it is in and think that it must be a accurate depiction, which sometimes unfairly puts a stigma on a group of people or a cultural. Hollywood has been able to expand all over the world, and many think The objective of promoting American culture through Hollywood movies is to dominate the other cultural communities around the world and become the universal culture of the world.

Going to a movie with friends or family has been a tradition for many for a long time. Globalization has spread Hollywood movies all over the world, and our American movie stars are also the world’s movie stars. Some think that because of the way Hollywood goes about picking movies to produce, many of the mass public are looking for something fresh and new. Because of the “American style” of filmmaking, Hollywood produces profit-making movies with easy to understand stories. But is it right to flood other cultural and countries with our sometimes-biased movies? Is Hollywood replacing the cultural identity of many groups of people?

Film was meant to show the traditions and customs of specific cultures to the rest of the world. However, because of Hollywood's need for a large market to sell a movie ...

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...rding to the US Economic Census, motion picture and video production in the United States as a whole generated revenues of $20.15 billion in 1997, with Hollywood alone being responsible for close to 60% of this total.” (US Census) Hollywood’s success has come with no great competition to push for more, and with the emergence of film globalization, it should be very interesting going forth seeing if they can maintain the ideal motion picture headquarters. Its unique pool of talent drawn from many different countries cultural impact of Hollywood films is now felt in all parts of the world.

Film is a global good that everyone can enjoy and I think film will continue to grow. It will be very interesting seeing even more global diversity in film, and with diversity comes creativity, which all can benefit from their unique ability to make big-budget films that appeal
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