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The United States of America has one of the oldest and largest (in terms of revenue) film industries. Hollywood is the main location of the United States film industry. However, four of the six largest film studios in the U.S. are owned by the companies that are located on the East Coast. Only The Walt Disney Company - which owns six other film-making companies (Walt Disney Pictures, Lucasfilm Limited, the Pixar Animation Studios, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and Marvel Studios) is located and fully based in Hollywood, California. Sony Pictures Entertainment also has headquarters in Culver City, California, although its parent company, the Sony Corporation, has main headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
The very first movie studio in the Hollywood area was the Nestor Studios, which was founded in 1911 by Al Christie. It was located in an old building on the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. In the same year, fifteen more Independent studious settled in and around Hollywood. Hollywood became so strongly associated with the film-making industry that the word "Hollywood" came to be used to describe and refer to the entire U.S. film-making industry.

Maybe one of more famous old studios: The Charlie Chaplin Studios was built and established in 1917 on the northeast corner of La Brea and De Longpre Avenues just south of Sunset Boulevard. It was owned by many different companies after 1953. In 1969 it was named a historical cultural monument/museum by The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board.

One of the most distinguishing things about Hollywood is the famous Hollywood Sign, which originally read "Hollywoodland". It was built in 1923 by the local realtors to advertise the new houses that were for sale in the ...

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...d to make homosexuality less taboo. Shows like Breaking Bad are helping to show the dark side of rehab and prohibition. Like their Hollywood blockbuster counterparts, these small (more or less) television shows variety of ideas on different subjects. Because of that we are able to share our knowledge, consider opposing worldviews and make arguments.
The television's new “golden age” is now upon us. As the internet continues to make filmmaking more accessible to public, Hollywood will continue being one of the biggest and greatest influences on today’s society and politics. It is much easier to create and share your ideas through film than ever before. Independent studios before, greatly expanding the number of debates and arguments people have access to. Never has the power to express yourself and your views through film been so great, and we are better off for it.

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