Global Warming, its Definition and Ways to Fight it

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One month ago we had a big change in the climates in Indiana and in many states. That had not have a lowest temperature like -26° C it has not been in many years. I remembered when we had bad weather in Indiana and Chicago that canceled all airports, and all flights, because of that my uncle and my friends were stranded in Chicago airport. They did not have enough money, and there were too many people who lost their baggage. However, my uncle called me to come and get him from the airport; I told him ok. Around 3:00 P.M I drove about sixty miles, and I stopped to fill the car. When I stopped, there was a police officer who saw me, and he asked me “where are you going?” I said, “I am going to Chicago,” but he said, “You cannot go that way since it is closed.” Then I headed back to my home. Next day, at 1:00 P.M when I woke up, I took with me some food and drinks in order to not stop. Then I drove all way; when I was on the road, my speed was about thirty to forty miles pre hour. The good thing was that my car was GMC, and it was four-wheel drive. Also, there were too many cars that got in accidents and stuck on the road. Around 8:40 P.M I arrived (everyone knows that from Indiana to Chicago it takes four hours). I took my uncle and my friends back to Indiana. On my way, I saw I-65 was closed so we decided to stay in a motel, and when we wake up, we will go to Indiana. Global warming is leading the world to the danger. Global warming is one of most serious issues that we see in our life. The world would have bad consequences and disasters events due to the weather changing. Global warming is cost more damages, and one of the damages is tsunami. There are two causes of global warming air pollution, and human activities and the soluti... ... middle of paper ... ...ny conferences to find out what are the solutions. There are three main solutions for global warming. First, plant many trees on the street to keep the air clean in order to take care of them, because trees get carbon dioxide and give oxygen, this is a great step to keep the air clean and it is good for us. Second, Stop deforestation as I said trees get carbon dioxide and give oxygen. Why these companies cut out trees the government must stop them and sat laws to save trees, but the only way for companies to get woods from trees is plant many trees to get the wood. Works Cited Alharbi, W. (2014, 2 15). Global warming. (B. A. Potters, Interviewer) Dunlop, Storm. A Dictionary of Weather. : Oxford University Press, 2008. Oxford Reference. 2008. Date Accessed 14 Feb. 2014 .
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