Global Warming and Weathr Patterns

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Global warming is a terrible issue that is influencing the world and its’ weather patterns more and these days. Since 2012 it has caused or influenced weather events such as Super storm Sandy, the U.S. heat wave in July and the insane amounts of rain that fell in Australia and New Zealand (Bradberry and Tompkins). The only real effects that I have felt personally would have been the crazy heat wave in the summer of 2012 which made it nearly impossible to enjoy or doing anything important outside. Many farmers throughout the country were harmed by this occurrence as the heat damaged a large number of their crops. The decrease in crops brings a rise in price and quality of the foods that everyday Americans are buying, further showing that global warming can really indirectly affect anyone and it is not something to be taken lightly. We as humans produce large amounts of Carbon Dioxide that damage our atmosphere and cause global warming and extreme weather to occur (NRDC, Extreme Weather: Impacts of Climate Change). There are things that can be done to stop global warming however, suc...

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