Global Warming, Causes and Solutions

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The main causes of global warming are due to increase in greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and

methane primarily, in the upper atmosphere directly, caused by human burning fossils fuel,

industrial farming and deforestation activities. Resulting in increase in earth temperature, sea-

level, shrinking ice sheets, glacier retreat so on. The evidence that support the human cause is

plentiful and powerful, but few can support for the issue that global warming is a natural part of

the Earth’s climatic change. Global warming is caused by human activities by burning fossils,

using automobiles, revolution industries which cases to increase in carbon emission.

Some people do support this issue. Like john Christy, director of the earth science centre at the

University of Lamia in Huntsville. Christy says “the carbon dioxide from fossils fuels is

distributed evenly around the globe and not concentrated in the arctic, so we

cannot blame greenhouse gas for the northern hemisphere warming over the past 27 years. The

mostly likely suspect for (warming) is a natural climatic change or cycle that people did not

expect or just do not understand.” This quote describes natural causes to global warming, and

refrains from relating to cause by carbon dioxide emission from humans. (IPPC, 2007)

Global average temperature rise significantly during the past century. The prevailing scientific

view is that mainly of the increase of temperature since mid-20th century has been caused

increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration produce by human activity. The majority

scientists believes that planets temperature has risen 0.5 degree Celsius since 1990 and will

continue to increase at an increasing rate. The consequenc...

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...Fahrenheit science 1969. (NASA, 2011)

The industrial revolution which started in 1875 changed weather conditions. The world has a

tendency to warm up. The industrialization and the increasing population density are forcing

governments to consume more fossils fuels and affecting the artificial greenhouse gases

fluctuation. Even if the usages of fossils fuels could be prohibited, greenhouses gases produce in

the atmosphere are going to remain for hundred years. The emission of greenhouse gases cannot

be stopped, but people can take some precaution like reducing carbon dioxide, making laws,

burning of fossils fuels and so on. to overcome this problems. At the national level, policy maker

need to be aware that national efforts are not only possible, but implementable at marginally

increased costs to existing efforts. (Fourth edition-Edward a keller)
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