Effects Of Climate Change On The Future

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Climate Change’s Effects on the Future

A majority of scientists agree that global warming, or climate change, will have both

short and long term dangerous impacts on the natural environment, humans and many other

species on Earth. Though global warming is a phenomenon that does occur naturally over time,

in the past century the world’s climate has dramatically changed as a result of the increased

amount of greenhouse gases emitted through human activity. Because this excess of carbon and

other gases that humans have produced compounds within the atmosphere over time, scientists

project that its negative effects will be long-lasting and far-reaching. The Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that over the next century, temperatures will rise

somewhere between 2.5 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit, potentially causing huge changes in weather

patterns, the eventual destruction of ecosystems, and the rapid rising of sea levels, each event

containing its own serious repercussions.

A significant and presently observable effect of global warming is the substantial and

diverse change in weather patterns caused by the jump in temperature worldwide, as well as

rising sea levels. The IPCC has forecast increases in both flooding and droughts of varying

severity in areas all over the world (Parry & Canziani, 2007). Both of these patterns can be

damaging in terms of loss of life, but the latter could be devastating in its limiting effects on

Page 1 agriculture production, freshwater availability and energy generation (“Global warming: Vital

signs”). Tropical storms are also believed to increase in massive destruction as well as the

erosion of coastal areas. The ramifications of these extreme meteorological c...

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... pressure on

human life is likely to have effects across the board.

The reality of global warming is one that is both in need of immediate and future

addressing on a wide scale because of its implications for the future life of humans and other

species on Earth. As we have learned 97% of scientists agree that increased global warming in

the past century was caused by human activity and continues to be caused by human activity

today (Global warming: Vital signs). It is potentially a vey serious problem on both a local and

global scale, causing imbalances and threats to human life, safety, access to vital resources, and

the environment and biosphere as a whole, and as such, increased efforts must be made to

mitigate the effects that are already becoming evident through changes in water, sea levels and

natural habitats worldwide.

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