Global Marketing Case Study

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1. According to the book “Marketing”, global marketing strategy is the practice of standardizing marketing activities when there are cultural similarities and adapting them when cultures differ. In addition, multi-domestic marketing strategy means that they have many different products variations, brand names, and advertising programs as countries in which they do business (Kerin 168.)
Global marketing has benefits, including cost advantages and brand consistencies. Because we don’t change anything from the products, we will have an advantage in the cost system. Usually, people can recognize a certain product from the brand or logo. If we keep it same, the loyal customers will buy our products continuously. On the contrary, the products and messages can’t be work in some market area, because of the external factors. For instance: place, people needs, season, or religion matter.
While for multi-domestic company, they have their own benefits too, such as product variances and updated responses. Because of the fact that we have to change or modified the products, it will be match with the people in certain area. Based on people’s season, region, and other factors, the demand of the products can increase easily because it is what they need and
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Furthermore, they can save and use the remaining cost for other expenses. They don’t need to change the brand too, since Callaway Group is a popular brand in America. They also can add the promotion into something like “this is a number 1 best seller in America”, so new people get assumption that Callaway brand is trusted and worth to buy. The only problem if they want to expand their investment to Asian market is they have to consider how small the Asian land is, which lead into limited golf field, and lack of people’s interest in golf. What we can do to face this is on number
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