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Marketing is a very broad term, which encompasses all the activities that help businesses in identifying their customers and needs of their target market, utilising all the communication resources in order to target their target market, eventually persuading them to purchase the organisations products and services. It is much broader than the concept of selling, as selling just includes techniques of direct communication used to persuade the customers to buy the products and services of an organisation. In fact, sales are the integral part of marketing. Marketing also helps organisations to utilise all resources in an efficient way to gain customer satisfaction, which will eventually help in the growth of the company. While, on one hand, marketers tend to focus on the needs and preferences of the customers, they also need to keep a close eye on their competitors (Gillespie, 2010). Companies always look to beat down their competition with providing better products and/or services, or by providing less-expensive goods to the customers than their competitors, in order to achieve or maintain the leading position in the industry. The core focus of this paper is to identify and discuss the core aspects how managers could maintain the marketing activities of the organisation in the global context. The main aim of this discussion is to discuss the main aspects that are very important in planning and implementing the activities of marketing in the global context. Once all the issues have been addressed, the organisation then needs to plan out the global marketing strategy. Marketing research is the core area of marketing, as the entire marketing strategies depends on how well the organization has conducted the research of the market. Mar... ... middle of paper ... ...s is achieved through social groups. Marketers focus upon group influence and social needs in their marketing activity to develop a stronger brand image which carers to the needs of the consumers. In conclusion, it can be said that global marketing has been emerged very rapidly in recent years. It has provided various opportunities for the companies to expand their business to the other regions of the word. However, there remain certain environmental issues that need to be considered before entering in to the desired region. These issues can be resolved with designing the strong global marketing plans and strategies, the data for which can be gathered through conducting global market research. Despite numerous issues, one can easily say that globalisation has reduced the global reach of the organizations as well as customers. It would not be wrong to conclude that

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