Critical Analysis of Standardization and Adaptation in International Marketing

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⦁ Introduction:
In internationalization, the most challenging decision faced by the company to choose between standardization and adaptation in its operations, products or services. It has been one of the important and most popular research topics since 1960s to understand whether standardization is better or adaptation for marketing mix in international marketing. The increasing role of international expansion of business across the borders has also increased the focus of companies towards the international marketing strategies. It is also a biggest challenge for companies to better understand the different needs and choice of customers due to the huge differences among the cultures from various nationalities. This leads to the dilemma in the mind of marketers to understand which strategy is effective and good - standardization or adaptation. There is a significant impact of standardization or adaptation on all avenues of business such as research & development, structure, marketing mix, production, finance and marketing mix. The attitude of a company towards the culture of a particular country in which it is going to enter or start its operations decides to choose between standardization and adaptation. Consider the different views and arguments for each standardization and adaptation, this essay critically analyze which strategy is better to choose for international marketing.

⦁ Discussion:
The proponents of standardization approach in international marketing views the globalization trends as a facilitation of technological uniformity, greater level of similarity, and higher convergence of consumer preference, taste, and needs. The growth of international communication channels also facilitate the standardization including th...

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...d i.e. to use a mix of both the strategies. Some academic experts also presented the same arguments which stated that the company should use standardized tactics and adapting others to difference market is necessary. Such authors believes that both the standardization and adaptation are nothing but a matter of degree to use in international marketing strategy. Also McDonald strategy is the best example of such arguments where the company has globalized it brand but localized its marketing strategies. Considering the success of McDonald I would strongly recommend that a right balance of standardization and adaptation is need to ensure good growth and success in international marketing. Hence it can be concluded that if a company wants to be successful at global level, then it should include elements of both standardized and adaptation approach in its marketing mix.
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