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The Magical of Animation: Disney Films Vs Ghibli Films
Cartoons are the one that young and old audience grew up with. The most popular cartoon of all time was called “Disney”. Though way back in the 1928, a short animated film introduces in black and white called “Streamboat Wilie” with a cartoon mouse named Mickey. However, in 1986 a Japanese animated film had been joined in the world of animation (a.k.a called “anime” in Japanese). His name was Hayao Miyazaki He capture the wonderful imagination known well in the Japanese animation film existed today. Both films are very successful toward their film. But one is American and one is Japanese. However, Buzzfeed made a survey online about which animated film is the best. The result was fifty
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It is the one that’s given your mind to think and gives you a bright smile. In fact, Disney is more criteria with imagination, but instead Ghibli is more focus on realism. Disney mostly deals with enable technique by taking precedence over the narrative. The story celebrates the techniques by approaching to the animated fairy tale that becomes less imaginative and more conservative. On the other hand, Studio Ghibli show a little interested in the new technology. Miyazaki shows more pride of his work by hand-drawn, ornate, water—colouring landscapes that gives a beautiful sight towards his creations. Disney creates a story that once existed in a folklore or a fairy tale. For example, a classic story called “Peter Pan” about a boy that can fly and live in a magical world called “Neverland”. As well, with Ghibli is more focus on the realism that gives a brief moment to chance to escape in your mind with the stress and the trouble within the story. As same with Disney it takes a great wonder to believe and to hope. Instead, Miyazki always gives a good feeling in his work. In fact, Disney had failed to do in 2001 when a Hayao Miyazak film called “Spirted Away” with a modern society. Generally, these films have a strong brief moment that catches your mind to use your imagination and create your…show more content…
By giving a hard thought toward the end of the movie. Thus, these two films have a fantasy world that makes them both successful. Disney uses a fantastic to crave a visual with a purpose to the viewers to enjoy and pleasure to the viewers. On the other hand, Miyazak use a fantasy to spiritual transformation with a “self-betterment” and the environment of the film. However, many films always send a message to viewers, but it always hard to think what the message is. Disney message always sends a message to believe and have hope. As well, in Ghibli films a message is more about the importance, respect for the world and learn to live with a pure heart. Though Disney magic is more with sprinkles dust and pixie. On the other hand, Ghibli has a magical on its own with charms, talking heads and castle in the sky. Ghibli is magic with good and bad. Miyazki true magic is not like Disney it’s more memorable and nonetheless. Again, Disney has inspired wonder towards believes in the fantasy world. Disney is a fantasy as an escapism. But Ghibli uses more fantastic to civilisation, and a clearly echo with Miyazki’s films to transformation the magic within. But Ghibli wants the children to vision the two-dimensionality of his artwork by using music to inspire the magic of imaginations. Similarly, to Disney but in one-dimensionality to bring out the fantasy fairy tale to transform the magic
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