Argumentative Essay On The Movie Inside Out

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Few months ago, there was a huge impressing movie to me, which was named Inside Out, and it is an animation movie, and focused on adults. Inside Out is also fifteenth animation movie that Global animation company, Pixar, released. Their ambitious work, Monster University, failed to gain a number of audiences, so Pixar had resting period for two years. As the result, people worried about that Pixar might have been collapsed. However, two years later, according to this movie, Pixar informed they are still alive by obtaining many audiences. This movie completely gave me a good lesson and realization that how much and why all emotions are needed and important.
There is a protagonist, named Reilly in this film, and there are five emotions in Reilly’s head, which are Joy (Yellow), Sadness (Blue), Anger (Red), Disgust (Green) and Fear (Violet). They stay at headquarter of Reilly’s mind. At each situation, one of five emotions controls an emotion regulative valve, and marbles that are
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When the movie was finished, some people nearby me started crying and talking about this movie in positive way. As expected, a global company of this movie, named Pixar, described attractive characters, wonderful graphic and great story. This movie also depicted well that each five emotions had an individual conflict at each events. The highlight of Inside Out is the process that Joy was realizing how happiness and joy are made from the beginning to end. I recommend this wonderful movie if people look for a movie for family and an animation that brings an enormous impression. Especially, students, who study psychology or mental science, should pay and watch this movie. It will be not wasting their precious time. Throughout this movie, I obtained a lot of psychological knowledge, and it will be very helpful for my major. Like I mentioned about this movie, people, who did not watch yet, have to see
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