Disney: The Life And Creation Of Walt Disney

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The life & creation of Walt Disney Many celebrities overcome impediments by experiencing critical moments in their life to achieve fame. Becoming famous is more than just making money and being admired by millions of fans. It is much more complicating than it seems. Some of the most greatest and creative innovators such as Walt Disney was known as, founder and creator of Disneyland. Walt was an important inspiration to look up to because he dealt with facing hardship in his career. Experiencing challenging moments were a motivation for Walt to keep pursuing his goal. Walt Disney was an American motion-picture, television producer, showman, cartoonists, and creator of the Disney franchise. “Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago,…show more content…
Walt also added more disney characters to the films. Walt loved the idea of Disney characters so much that he wanted to bring them to life to make children and families happy. Walt came up with the idea of creating an amusement park with rides, disney characters, sweet treats,and art pieces. He called these two amusement parks Disneyland, Anaheim and Disney World, Florida Walt did this because he knew that these two amusement parks would make him well known and nobody would ever forget who this brilliant man is. Walt called Disneyland “the Happiest place on Earth.” (Watts 20). Walt called it this because he knew his guests would appreciate his handiwork so much by visiting Disneyland again with their friends, family and loved ones. Unfortunately, Walt did not get to finish creating Disney world, Walt had passed away with lung cancer at age 65 on December 15, 1966. “His brother Roy finished creating Disney World for him.” (Watts 50). Disney World had also become a popular theme park because of its Disney characters, animals and beautiful scenery. In today’s Society Fame means being famous because of something that is trending or being famous for what you created. For example, Walt Disney is famous for creating multiple Disney parks, Entrepreneurship, and Disney brands. Walt also became well known to everyone because he created Disney Brands that reminded us of our childhood. were really value Walt’s Disney brands, because it is what we look forward to purchasing as a gift or souvenir for a friend or for ourselves and makes us feel happy. For example whenever i go to Disneyland with my family, I always see people wearing mickey,and Minnie Mouse ears. Seeing this proves how much Disney brand grows on people. Everyone loves it so much that Wearing these ears and other type of Disney products makes us feel like we're a part of it. We wear his brand because we are in love with his amazing work so, we purchase his brand as a sign of appreciation that

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