Walt Disney Films Analysis

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Walt Disney Films are known to be as an incredible and outstanding fantasy stories producer. It created more than a hundred of films. Majority of what has been produced rely on fictional stories. The films that were released used animation to capture children’s interest and musically performed as well. Walt Disney produced fantasy stories like The Little Mermaid 1989; Sleeping Beauty 1959; Beauty and the Beast 1991; Cinderella 1950 and more. The tales most often than not were always about the life of a princess in search of her prince charming.

In line with the stories, one can never deny the fact that there would always be a villain or an antagonist. Those were the characters that would do anything to destroy the lives of the princesses or protagonists. Walt Disney films are known as one of the most prominent developers of fantasy stories and characters and most of these made use of films as a tool to expose such movies.

Evidently, children has always been exposed to this kind of films, films that has the “never-ending-tale-of-love-story” concept. Walt Disney had created its own television network known to be “Disney channel” using logo of famous Mickey Mouse. The network developed different shows that was not exclusively for children but has a wide range of target viewers. A great number of viewers are mostly female children who more often than not portray and imitate the princesses in the film. These female children probably tend to identify themselves as the animated characters.

Most of the fantasy stories that were produced made use of film as a tool to expose the shows. Study proved that the world of film has a various capacity in persuading and changing the perspectives of a viewer. A film functions as an int...

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...y stories of Walt Disney films.

The massive influence of Walt Disney films tends to mold the minds of female children. Considering that, if by viewing a Walt Disney films will alter their perspective as a result of identifying herself as to be similar to a princess. The unrealistic tale of Walt Disney films motivate children to act in a different way. In these issues we tend to investigate on the perception of children towards viewing the films. As well as identifying themselves with specific fictional characters shown by Walt Disney films. Furthermore, we would discern the different emotions of female children within viewing it. The investigation would in a form of interrogation (interview) on female children ages from 6 to 10. In identifying children’s mind it should be able to accommodate with various set of questions that is related in Walt Disney films.

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