Ghana And Togo Case Study

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The aim of the article is to find out the impact colonizer’s policies really made on education of Ghana and Togo after the two countries gained independent from their colonial masters. The research questions the article attempted to answer are: The article answered the following research questions: a. What factors accounted for the difference in school enrollment between the two countries. b. What role does missionary work played in education on Ghana and Togo? c. What are the roles of the national institutions on comparative subnational development in Africa? d. Why did the Europeans build institutions in Africa? e. Why we used the Europeans methods in drawing Africa borders in the 19th century? f. Can the methods designed by the Europeans …show more content…

This provides us with an opportunity to study the impact of colonial policies on education. Using a new data set of recruits to the Ghana colonial army 1908–1955, we find that the two mandates of Togoland started to diverge in terms of literacy as early as in the 1920s. Under the French mandate, a hostile stance was taken against missionary schools, a number of which were de-authorized in 1930/31 without being replaced by secular ones. The British government did spend more on education and at the same time pursued a cost effective policy of mission schools subsidization. This divergence is only …show more content…

The Educational system in Ghana is a model Great Britain educational system. The official language of Ghana is British English which is a medium of instruction at all level of education. Togo on the other hand, also hold onto the colonial policy of education of a sort. Her official language is French, which is used as a medium of instruction in their schools.
ADVANTAGES OF THE STUDY: The study is very advantages because, it tells the historical antecedence of the trans-Volta Togo land, a present day Volta region of Ghana. Currently in Ghana, there are agitations from the people the Volta Region to be independent from Ghana. This, the study shows that, originally trans-Volta Togo land now Volta region was not part of Ghana. This case for me, I think is an issue to look into since the people of Volta region have a genuine case to

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