Foreign Aid Essay

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Foreign aid is financial help given by a country to another for purposes of economic stabilization, poverty and living standard. This essay will elaborate an issue that it is necessary to spend money on foreign aid. There are three premises supporting the main conclusion, the first reason is that aid saves lives, while the premises that aid improves education and aid reduces poverty rate both can be objected and rebuttal are also given. Furthermore, there are also two objection given which can be rebutted. The first reasons to think that foreign aid should be spend is that “Aid saves lives” which is clearly illustrated by the researches conducted. Compare 1990 to 2010, as a result of aid in vaccines and health, there was a decrease in number of children who died from illness of pneumonia and diarrhoea (BBC). For example, in Botswana, the foreign aid fund had provided a test of HIV for pregnant mothers and therefore decrease the amount of newborn babies which catches HIV. Furthermore, in Bangladesh, there is a 62% drop in death rate for the under five children, the aid fund allows the government to be able to afford “vaccines and trained the midwives”. The second reasons to think that foreign aid should be spend is that it improves the quantity and quality of education in ways of learning environment and data which is clearly illustrated by the increased enrolment (Recom). There are more than 50 million children are educated in the last ten years time (BBC). For example, in Malawi, as a result of aid disbursement for education, the primary enrolment rates has dramatically increases up to 66% in 2010 although it was only 22% in 1975. On the other hand a consideration against the idea indicates that aid for education is inefficie... ... middle of paper ... ...aid is inefficient and prodigal as most foreign aid program fund are paid into the irresponsible government, the mismanagement of fund and embezzlement makes the aid program become wasteful (BBC). However, this objection is not convincing because nothing is perfect, the politicians are kept on working hard to make aid program become more efficient as there are regular reports have been produced on whether the foreign aid program are carried out effectively, and, therefore imposes pressure on those government decision makers. (BBC) Based on the reasoning above, the clear conclusion of this analysis is that we should spend money on foreign aid. Aids are helpful because it saves lives, although aid are sometimes inefficient to improve standard level of education and eliminates poverty rates, but aids are necessary for the government to be able to work on those issues.
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