Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMOs, an abbreviation for “genetically modified organisms”, are a result of laboratory processes of taking genes from one species and transferring them into a different species as an attempt to obtain or remove a specific trait or characteristic. GMOs are also known as genetically engineered organisms and transgenic organisms. Genetically Modified Organisms were unrecognized until 1982 when the FDA approved the first Genetically Modified Organism, Humulin, which is insulin that is produced by genetically engineered E. coli bacteria. Then, in 1994 the FDA approved the first Flavr Savr tomato for sale in grocery stores, which had a much longer shelf life than regular tomatoes. Shortly after, GMO resistant weeds appeared in 1996. GM products do not stop at foods, but are also used in other products such as common garden plants, clothing, and medicine. Since appearance, GMO’s and labeling policies of products containing GMOs have been a source of great controversy both globally and nationally as to whether these “science experiments” are harmful to the environment and health of those consuming products containing them. Today, there are no restrictions or guidelines for products containing GMOs. Some think that there are no threats associated with GMOs, but it is fact that products containing GMOs are potentially harmful to consumers and a strict labeling method should be in place to inform consumers of what they are purchasing. I will argue that labeling of products containing genetically modified materials should be mandatory.

Labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients should be mandatory due to health speculations, environmental impact, and because it is the consumers’ prerogative to be aware. A recent New Yo...

... middle of paper ... way to prove that these foods are truly safe long term. Whether no-GMO or pro-GMO, 90% of the crops produced in the U.S. are Genetically Modified and 93% of Americans think that GM products should be labeled because it is the consumers right to know what they are purchasing and consuming. Why so much obscurity about genetically engineered ingredients in the food industry? If there is nothing for these Biotech companies and food manufacturers to hide about their engineered crops and foods, then just label it.

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