Genetic Engineering Research Paper

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Whether we like it or not genetic modified organisms (GMOs) are on our dinner table and in our air. Suddenly, activists and the media have become obsessed with avoiding GMOs and labeling them as an evil new technology. The truth is these products have been out in the public since the early 1990s. Genetic engineering (GE) is just a tool that is being used to improve our methods in agriculture, just as technology including computers or other new electronic updates that make our lives easier day by day. We use science to make improvements little by little over the years while some fail others may be successful. It is safe to say some technology that comes with life altering benefits may also come with some risks. Those who argue against GMOs choose to ignore all the benefits GE has provided us with so far and tend to focus on risks that realistically have nothing to do with the science of genetic engineering. Most anti-GMO activists are uneducated on the topic and listen to unreliable bias sources. The media has people focused on the wrong side of the debate. Banning genetic engineering, an important biotechnology, would be an impossible and foolish fight. In a world with a tremendously fast growing population, climate changes due to global warming, and economical faults, GMOs might be the best solution.
Most people joining the fight against GMOs have no idea what they are and unaware of the many benefits. A genetically modified organism is a plant or animal that has had a gene from another organism inserted into it providing a desired trait. GMOs are created by genetic engineering techniques or transgenics (Bessin 1). The GMO Action Alliance “GMO Free USA” describes the process of genetic engineering as unnatural and experimental r...

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...t is the large corporations who are trying to control it. Banning all genetic engineering would be a big mistake and might even cause future generations to suffer. Genetic engineering has the potential to solve many problems and help develop sustainable agriculture. Genetic engineering is as natural as any other process on earth and mastering it would only benefit the world (Coker 1). Putting together ideas promoted by organic farmers and the help of safe genetic engineering will be the future of crop diversity. The debate to label GMOs or ban them should be pushed aside because it is simply a waste of breath. To sum it up, the “evil GMOs” have created longer lasting, more nutritious food that is cheaper and easier to distribute. Less land and herbicides are needed to grow resulting in huge benefits for the environment, consumers, and growers. Our world needs GMOs.
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