Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons

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There are 7.4 billion people on earth (U.S.). Those 7.4 billion people all have one thing in common: genetics. Genetics make up every human being on earth. Genetic makeup tells people what allergies they have, what they look like, and what diseases they are vulnerable to develop. Genetic disease affects many people, in fact, “350 million people are affected by genetic disease globally” (Who). Children get their genetic makeup from their biological parents. According to the Hemophilia of Georgia, “23 of the chromosomes come from the father, and 23 of the chromosomes come from the mother” (HoG). Soon medical technology will be available to allow “scientist to engineer the genetic makeup of a human embryo” (Extreme). This technology once mastered, could be available to the general public. This technology will change the way people look at disease and disabilities in babies. Genetic engineering can allow doctors and scientists to manipulate the genetic code to eliminate potential diseases or physical and mental disabilities in a child. By re-engineering the genes before the embryo develops, it allows for no adverse effects. Advances in medical science have allowed for the ability to use genetic engineering to modify human embryos, which has many advantages for the baby itself, the family, and society. Genetically engineering human embryos can allow for scientists to eliminate diseases. Early in the process of the pregnancy, the “embryo is subject to testing and screening in order to determine the possibility of disease” (Human). Some of the many goals of scientists today is to “reduce disease in the population, the efforts to protect the public fisc, and the goal of reducing suffering” (Suter). Genetic engineering can help scie... ... middle of paper ... ...s and dangers from the child's life. Overall, genetic engineering human embryos are beneficial in numerous ways. The medical technology can help prevent and correct disease in children before they are born, help create new treatments and cures for genetic disease, provide a better life for children and their families, be cost saving, and is ethical. Genetic engineering human embryos can create a gateway into the development of numerous other up and coming medical techniques and ideas. As more medical technology is developed, genetic diseases will no longer be a threat to people, as it will be easily treated and affordable once the techniques are mastered. If society accepts this new medical technique, medical institutions will be able to teach the skill to future doctors and scientists, and the genetic disease will be eliminated as a threat to the human race.
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