The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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One of the most controversial topics discussed in the world of medicine pertained to the topic of genetic engineering. Some doctors saw it as tool of world destruction, however many of them seeing it as a chance of potential cures and treatments. Charles Darwin first introduced this idea. In his first publication, The Origin of Species, he introduced the idea of survival of the fittest. He stated that evolutionary change was only possible due to the genetic variation between each generation, including the combination of different characteristics. In other words, he wrote that only those who had desirable characteristics, in terms of survival, would be able to pass down their genes. If two bred and possessed desirable characteristics, then the desirable characteristic would strengthen, modifying the genes. Darwin’s theories have been the base of many medical breakthroughs that contributed to genetic engineering. The idea soon influenced medicine, the idea of strengthening the healthy cells and isolating them from the unhealthy ones. The simple idea Darwin discovered had changed medicine as a whole. Today, doctors and scientists are able to manipulate genes in order to create new treatments and cures. Today, Darwin’s discovery changed and saved millions of lives around the world. Despite the fact that genetic engineering can have a negative impact on society, it was an important discovery due to the advancement in conventional medicine.
One of the most commonly used and mass-produced product in medicine, are vaccines. For decades, medical doctors have used vaccines as their first line of defense from diseases and other medical conditions. Ever since the advancement in vaccines, the chances of being diagnosed with a particular dise...

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... plus 19 to 22 children were found cancer free after gene therapy was given (Global News).
With the kind of technology that is available to doctors and scientists, treatments and cures will begin to pop up as we continue to advance in technology. Genetic engineering is going to be the topic to look out for. With the incredible discoveries done from modifying genes, it has resulted to millions of lives saved. Vaccines had come a long way from the first discovery, inching towards the one hundred percent success rate. Fredrick made a ground breaking discovery with diabetes and provided a treatment and saved millions. Gene therapy began to prove itself in medicine as it reversed affects from a previously untreatable disease. Genetic engineering still has long ways to go, however it is a promising treatment that will bring us more treatment and cures in the future.
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