Analysis of the Bioethical Issues in Gattaca

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Analysis of the Bioethical Issues in Gattaca Biology is the science of life. Technology uses science to solve problems. Our society has progressed in its understanding of life to the point that we are able to manipulate it on a fundamental level through technology. This has led to profound ethical dilemmas. The movie Gattaca explores some important bioethical issues that are currently the focus of much dispute. The underlying thematic issue presented is the question of the extent to which biologically inherent human potential determines the true potential of a person. Perhaps the most controversial issue in Gattaca is the use of genetic engineering technology in humans to create a more perfect society; this is, essentially, a new method of Eugenics. Another related issue seen in the movie is that of pre-natal selection. Through the use of the same or similar technologies, parents are able to choose the characteristics with which their children will be born. The controversy of these issues stems from the immense potential in genetic sciences for both positive use and harmful misuse. Though the questions and fears of critics reflect the wisdom of caution, the potentially unlimited benefits mandate that we pursue these technologies. The central subject of Gattaca’s plot is human potential. This is an important bioethical issue and is basically an example of the classic argument: Nature v. Nurture. The debate is of the role of nature compared to the role of environment in the shaping of personalities and other mental and physical characteristics. Psychologists have argued on this issue extensively. In the context of genetics and the movie Gattaca, the debate is of the respective roles of original genetic makeup and environmen... ... middle of paper ... ...atment will be dramatically reduced, not to mention the relief of pain and suffering to countless people. Though it is doubtless that there are many details to be resolved in the realm of legality, the advantages of these techniques are invaluable. The ubiquitous and incalculable benefits of biotechnology as a whole and the specific issues involved in Gattaca successfully mute the alarmist calls for moratoriums and bans on these technological breakthroughs. With utmost caution and consideration these studies will ultimately lead humanity to limitless heights. Bibliography: Ferreira, Patrick. “Moral Issues in Genetic Counseling.” Online Posting. Division of Medical Genetics Pediatrics, University of Alberta Hospitals. 31 OCT. 2000 Lebau, Steve. “Genetic Testing: Balancing Benefits and Abuses.” Online Posting. USA Today. 31 OCT.

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