Gender Roles In The Walmart Supercenter At The Walmart Store

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1330 words

I conducted my research and collected my data for this experiment at 3:30pm on Tuesday March 8th, 2016 at the Walmart Supercenter in Abilene, Texas. I walked around the toy section of the store and observed the differences between the aisles that are clearly assigned to certain genders. The store has sectioned off specific aisles for each gender and they make it very obvious which aisle is for girls and which aisle is for boys. The “girls” aisle has barbie dolls and princess dresses and the packaging on these items are bright pink. The “boys” aisle is filled with star wars action figures and toy guns all dressed in black packaging. There are obvious stereotypes and gender roles being subconsciously produced in these aisles. When at Walmart, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they feel pressured by gender stereotyping as a 19-year-old who likes finding interesting, new music and television shows. teenage boys are pushed into being infatuated with sports and any guy that is not in love with his vehicle is considered to be wrong with them.
  • Opines that placing labels on a person is ill-advised and not so globally acceptable. god created each and every one of us to be unique with special capabilities and talents.
  • Opines that gender segregation should not be supported or further produced because it is harmful to the children affected by it.
  • Opines that society needs to stop stereotypes and educate people about impending problems. social media is a very important highway for information in the twenty first century.
  • Conducted their research and collected their data for this experiment at 3:30pm on tuesday march 8th, 2016 at walmart supercenter in abilene, texas.

Young boys are also being manipulated by marketers. Boys are naturally more aggressive than girls and companies use that to their advantage. Boys are taught to be tough and “manly”. Boys are raised with the belief that it is not okay to cry, or have any sort of overwhelming emotion that can be taken as “girly”. This puts terrible pressure on a kid, but toy distributors take it and use it to their advantage. Boys are taught to be tough so boys need “tough” toys like guns and swords. Girls are taught to be frail and dainty and boys are told to be violent and tough. The problem with this is that not every child is going to feel as if they belong in category “A”, when they see themself as a “B”. In other words, not every young boy is going to like being rough and tough and not every girl wants to be delicate and …show more content…

I will not impose “gender specific” toys on them or tell them that it is not acceptable for a boy to play with a baby doll or tell my future daughter that it is not allowed for her to pretend sword fight. My children will be able to decide what they like and what they do not like and I will not allow anyone to decide that for them. This assignment has definitely opened my eyes to the market that is out there stereotyping children without much notice. Taking time to actually look into what is being done with toys and society with children has broadened my understanding and awareness of the impending problem that children are being faced with. I hope that one day we will see an end to gender stereotyping so that my future children will not be forced to feel out of place if they do not identify with a specific feeling or emotion that a boy should have or a girl should have. It sickens me and breaks my heart that things so minuscule such as toys can have such a negative effect on lives, especially on such a young children. This ideology of gender segregation should not be supported or further produced because it is harmful to the children that are directly or indirectly being affected by

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