Gender Scripts in Advertising: An Analysis of The Home Depot Commercial

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The Home Depot is a supplier of home goods and appliances such as refrigerators, grills, and paint. The store often uses visual advertisements to attract customers. In these ads there are portrayals of both men and women, which help to illustrate the gender scripts that are prevalent within society. To analyze these illustrations and come to conclusions in terms of stereotypical gender scripts in commercials, a visual sociology research project was completed.
Three different types of visual sociology are mentioned in a visual sociology Wikipedia article. The method chosen for our project is to study the visual data produced by cultures. Some ways of doing this suggested in the article were to research different forms of “art, photographs, … advertisements.” This method was most applicable, considering it involved the analyzing of commercials.
To conduct the research, YouTube was utilized to find The Home Depot video advertisements. Videos were analyzed that demonstrated typical gender scripts as well as neutral ones. Notes were also taken for each of the videos for later reference. Each of the videos was discussed among the group members to come to conclusions. Some hypotheses were made such as the belief that men were thought to have been more likely to be targeted with stereotypical items for men, such as grills and construction supplies, while women would be steered towards kitchen and cleaning goods.
The Home Depot commercials that we analyzed were primarily gender neutral, however there were masculine undertones and subtle gender stereotypes. Commercials contain a significant amount of gender stereotyping because they are altered to a specific demographic and reflect what the viewers like or who they are.
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...ested, and sell that product. This made the research much easier to analyze because we were able to break the commercials apart. What did they say, where was the location, what images were used, and what genders were used.

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