Gender Roles In Marriage Essay

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Gender Roles in Marriage Over the past decades, there has been many changes within society when it comes to gender roles. Gender roles which can be described as a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex. Gender roles can be noticed in various areas of life, areas such as, careers and jobs, school, relationships etc. Majority of the time, gender roles are known to be noticed commonly throughout relationships. In modern society, many relationships and friendship are established based off of the various aspects of gender roles. Gender roles especially have a huge impact on marriages throughout the United States and…show more content…
Millions of marriages occurs seasonally due to the idea of gender roles, when it come to marriage, society has a fixed idea of gender roles in marriages, causing majority of men to form notions that once they 're married to a woman, they have all authority over her. Legally speaking, marriage is a legalized union of a men making a woman his wife, therefore he has control over her because he has given her his last name, however his decisions to give her his last name or married her may be suitable for him and him only. According to a research done by Dr. George Ploubidus, the research stated that, "marriage is known to be more beneficial to men than to women." Based on the many articles I 've read regarding the topic of gender roles within marriages, over the years society has set several agendas for gender roles in marriages In a marriage majority of men expects 95% of the household duties to be achieved by the women. The idea of marriages are known to formed based on the establishment of gender roles, what happens when gender roles are reversed? Will marriages and relationships still exist? Will men still be as willingly to marry a woman who does not follow the gender roles that is
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