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Since the beginning of time, the perception of gender roles had always been a part of everyday life. In society today, gender role is viewed as a “set of societal norms [that dictate] what types of behavior are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable” [Wikipedia] based on somebody’s perceived or born gender. In the nineteenth century, a movement has abrupt that is the “advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men” [Google] known as feminism.Within America and Vietnam in the nineteenth and twenty-first century, gender role is not viewed as universal, but each country has a different set of behavior, belief, norm, and value when it comes to the role of male or female. How does…show more content…
Since the nineteenth century, women has been a growing factor to the US economy and the workforces but it was just the beginning of the Victorian era and industrial revolution. The American economy continue to have a drastic improvement; yet twenty-first century women in Vietnam are only used for low-paying jobs or any jobs that men would not do. In the business, or economic world, women has unlocked the full potential and continue to be recruited, while in Vietnam, women are beginning to start recruiting in business but still remain lacking potential. Both countries have a hard time balancing out personal and family life while trying to balance out professional life but it just takes time. On the other hand, it takes hard-work and dedication for women to “work on sharing responsibilities to balance their professional work and personal life”. In “The Plight of Young Males”, by Saul Kaplan, he talks about supporting the advancement for women and how they should be equal with men, furthermore, he “focus on supporting equal opportunities for women…” Another similarity women from both countries have is how “society should encourage and create favorable conditions for women to advance in their…show more content…
Gender roles is not universal because it is considered culturally and a historically contingent, it emphasizes the influence of socialization and environmental conditions. With American gender role norms, it changed since the 1950s and continue to change each and everyday. Vietnamese gender roles is considered traditional or “cultural”. On the other hand, feminism in America and Vietnam are “refers to the collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending a state of equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women”. Feminism is a strong rights for women so they would have the same benefits and equal rights to men. During the earlier nineteenth and twentieth century, the first-wave of feminism promoted equal marriage, contact, property, and parenting rights for women. In America, the feminist ideology is more opened and viewed as more of a breakthrough comparing to Vietnam’s feminist ideology is more oppressed. Afterwards, in the mid-twentieth century, the send-wave of feminism made it possible for women to declare rights, like voting, and feminism continue to spread. In the last twentieth century and early twenty-first centuries, the third-wave has changed feminism and began to globally and economically address issues. Sadly, feminism has not affected Vietnam because of the old cultural and traditionally beliefs, causing them to

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