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Traditional and Modern Perspectives of Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Gender roles can be comprehended through studying human society and the individual relationships among people in that society. Different aspects of society such as politics, economics, and the social aspects of society, are interlinked with gender roles. This paper will look at the gender roles and stereotypes from a modern and a traditional society perspective. The three different areas will be compared by looking at the traditional and modern societies, in order to understand how many changes have occurred and whether or not anything has really changed. Generally speaking, a traditional society is more conservative while a modern society leans toward being more liberal. The conservative nature of a traditional society is mainly a result of assigning certain roles depending on the gender of individuals. These roles have created gendered stereotypes which traditional society and even modern society have abided by. These roles and stereotypes have created a society in which one individual becomes dominant and the other becomes a subordinate. Modern society, however, has started to “level out the playing field” by allowing males AND females to succeed through accepting the identity of individuals’. Even though de facto segregation still exists, equality is emerging in society more and more each day.
Gender roles and stereotypes exist for all genders. These roles are expectations on how a certain individual is supposed to behave based on what a particular culture defines as appropriate for men and women. The traditional views of gender roles are indeed quite different from the modern views. The men in society are the money earners, while the women take care of th...

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...ue in modern society, if mothers rely too much on day-cares and do not spend enough time with their children then the relationship among the family will not be as strong. The traditional view of sex roles differ from the the modern and more liberal view of sex roles. The modern view does not differ because of the greater involvement of the father in the family or among the genders, but the perspective of the individuals in society. It is known that both genders can contribute to each other’s works, regardless of what sex they fall under. The society, religious institute, and media play a greater role in shaping these sex roles. The gradual changes are closely related to the media because people tend to play out in their lives what they see on the television. I hope it is now clear that the views on gender roles and stereotypes have changed substantially with time.

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