Anthological, Psychological, and Socialogical Analysis of Cinderella

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Cinderella is a fairytale for children that displayed love, loss and miracles; however, when it is further analyzed, it has a deeper meaning. Cinderella is a story about a young girl who became a servant in her own home after her father remarried a malicious woman with two spoiled daughters. She was humiliated and abused yet she remained gentle and kind. She received help from her fairy godmother to go to the prince’s ball after her stepmother rejected her proposal. Cinderella and the Prince fell madly in love but she had to leave at twelve o’clock and forgot to tell him her name but she left her glass slipper behind. He sent his servants to find her and Cinderella was the only maiden in the kingdom to fit into the shoes. She was then free from her Stepmother and married the Prince. This report will examine the key events and the main character through an anthological, psychological and sociological perspective. The story of Cinderella demonstrated gender roles and family and marriage roles, Conformity and obedience and Erick Erickson’s theory and feminist theory.
Gender roles
Gender roles are the roles an individual associates being, which is either male or female. An individual’s gender role is heavily influenced by the gender roles they were exposed to when growing up (Gender & Gender Identity). In some cultures, men portray a female gender role and vise versa. Gender roles are given to an individual because they start as early as childbirth. In modern society, those who display the opposite gender role are usually frowned upon as they do not “fit” into societies expected behaviour. In Cinderella’s society, men were expected to work while the women were expected to take care of children, cook and cl...

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... life because she believed that only a man could save her.
Cinderella is a story read by many people from various cultures. It is a universal story any culture can relate to it in an anthropological, psychological and sociological perspective. Although Cinderella is a story enjoyed by children, it can also be analyzed and understood by adults. Through a general perspective, the story seems like finding love but it has many more meanings. The story displayed gender roles, family and marriage roles, conformity and obedience, theory of development and the feminist theory. Cinderella provides people the knowledge of how life was like during that age. After analyzing the story, Cinderella can strongly influence children and their behaviour. The story of Cinderella can be further broken down to life lessons, history and the ideology of the society at that time.
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