Gender Identity In Consumer Identity And Consumer Behavior

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Identity can be defined as a direct image of what a persons appearance, thinks, feels and behaviour (Americus Reed, Mark R. Forehand, 2012). It means how people see themselves and how others see them. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, self-actualization needs at the top of the pyramid model which is the need of human hope to realize their potential and get self-satisfaction. Consequently, identity is the best embodiment of such indicators of this need. In addition to this, consumer behavior is the basic study of marketing decision and the developing marketing strategies. It is the consumer to obtain, use and disposal of the various actions taken by goods or services, including the decision in the first step and the decision making process.…show more content…
It is about a personal experience of their own gender (Deana F. Morrow and Lori Messinger 2006). It not likes sexual identity that about persons biological gender, gender identity is not only connected to one’s physical anatomy. This is a complicated relationship between a person 's gender (biological sex) and the internal feeling of self-male, female, both or neither (gender identity), as well as a person 's perception of external presentation and related behaviour, including their gender roles, likes masculinity and femininity that means which sex is dominate. For instance, Land Rover drives are overwhelmingly male with 72% in 2010. Because most of the men are born with the spiritual explorer, like to adventure and challenge and Land Rover as a famous British brand of sport utility vehicle is very suitable for this need of male identity. Land Rover has grown to have all models and highly respected global leader in the luxury SUV, its powerful easy to manage a variety of road conditions, overall performance and breath of capability, with sales repeatedly refresh the historical record. It attracts male consumer to buy one with an aggressive physical design in masculine marketing. What is more, it also meet the need of male consumer to shows the image of male strength and…show more content…
Gayle Kaufman believed that there has the age of four dimensions of identity in marketing: children, young people, middle-aged and elderly. Different ages have different Consumption tendency, consumer behaviour is closely related to age.Children have clear objectives about consumer purchase, purchase quickly. Because most children to buy goods is determined by the parents in advance, have the limited autonomy in decision-making, so purchase decision is generally more clear. In addition, children lack product knowledge and buying experience, the ability of recognition and selection is weak, so salesperson recommended products less objection and children buy goods quickly. With the rising age and consumption status of children, the ability to influence parents ' shopping behavior is getting stronger, so childrens consumer psychology was deserved marketer to research. For young people, their pursuit of fashion and novelty, like to apparent themselves and trend to reflect the personality, but purchase impulsive and emotional. These characteristics are reflected in consumer behavior, is like to buy some new products, try a new life. During this period, young peoples self-awareness is increasingly strengthened, strongly pursue independence, tried to show from their personality. For those commodities which can not shows the expression of individuality, they are generally dismissive. Because of life experience is not rich,

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