Gender Equality

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In today's world, when you look around there are so many different types of people. Different races, different backgrounds, and also different stories. We live in a world of a diverse group of people. Some would think living in such a diverse world we would form a common ground and maybe unite together to be "equal" but that is far from true. No I'm not talking about the inequality of people based off of race or background, the grouping of sex is the issue here. From the beginning of time till now, cultural practices have formed these boundaries. There has always been a separation of males and females and the way they are raised and taught even to what occupations they take on. Over time these became a set of gender boundaries. I believe that this behavior and way of thinking can over time have an negative impact on the way we as a society is upbringing our citizens. Also this way of thinking prevents us from achieving full gender equality. In the professor emerita of sociology and women's studies, Judith Lorber's Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology and professor of linguistics Deborah Tannen's "How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently" They discuss these gender boundaries and differences. Together, they show how these gender roles effect our society and what could continue if these practices of gender roles are in effect. Over time these ideas of gender roles cause people to only do what they believe they have to do. People almost forced to do something, like a job, that coordinates with their sex rather than their passion. This over time can lead to many missed opportunities and again, never achieving gender equality which we are all seeking. Comparing these two essays together can give people a better idea of ...

... middle of paper ... achieve full gender equality. To me, this is a negative effect on everyone and it will always cause an issue of some sort. Whether it be in sports or a job (going back to Lorber's essay) or learning inequality. I believe that this affects every ones lives in some way or another and that this has to be someway stopped. In all, over time these gender boundaries can become negative and also will become the main cause of many missed opportunities, unequal opportunities for many people.

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