Sex, Sex Category And Gender

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Brianna Viltz
February 18, 2016
WGSS416 Assignment #1: What does (doing) gender do?
There is a difference between sex, sex category and gender. Sex is the assigned title at birth based on genitally. West and Zimmerman (1987:127) define sex as “…a determination made through the application of socially agreed upon biological criteria for classifying persons as females or males. The criteria for classification can be genitalia at birth…” Sex categories are the categories (male, female) people are placed into on the basis of their genitally. West and Zimmerman (1987:127) elaborate on this definition, “Placement in a sex category is achieved through application of the sex criteria, but in everyday life.” Sex and sex category can be independent …show more content…

In western society males are taught what it means to be masculine and females are taught what it means to be feminine. Lorber (1994:57) states “Individuals are born sexed but not gendered, and they have to be taught to be masculine or feminine.” As we grow older we are taught what is expected of us on the basis of what gender were identify as and/or what gender other people perceive us as. For instance, a woman is expected to cook, clean, and have occupations such as a nurse, or secretary. A man is expected to have be either have top jobs such as a surgeon or have a tough labor jobs, and be the bread winners. Western society expects each gender to stay within their gender role. Lorber (1994:61) argues “As, a structure, gender divides work in the home and in economic production…” Once an individual goes outside these expectations breaking they are out casted. Gender is a process that creates what is man and what woman based off of what other perceive what is expected of and should be expressed by each gender, making gender socially constructed. Lorber (1994:60) argues “As a process, gender creates the social differences that define ‘women’ and ‘man.’ In social interaction throughout their lives, individuals learn what is expected, and see what is expected act and …show more content…

That is part of the interaction process of gender. So many people in western society are quickly place a gender to a person based off of their appearance, and body movements.
Transgender identified people are those who identifies with another gender from which they were given to at birth. For example, a female sex assigned girl or woman transition man, or a male sex assigned boy or man to a woman. Transsexual identified people are those that identify with a sex different than assigned. For example a female sex assigned person who identifies as male and vice versa. In some other cultures, such as the Native American culture give the freedom for transgender identified people to be able to live as they identify. Today the western ideology shut out and out casts trans people. Europeans have always out casted trans people. Beemyn (2014:504) states “The Europeans nations that colonized what is today the United States rejected and often punished perceived instances of gender nonconformity. But many Native American cultures at the time of European conquest welcomed and had recognized roles for individuals who assumed behaviors and identities different from those of the gender assigned to them

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