Gender Inequality In Society

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For the past century, the United States of America has made countless advancements in technology, medicine, and many other fronts. As a society, it has advanced at an incredible rate, becoming a major world power in an incredibly short period of time. The biggest barriers that America is working on are currently taking place within its own borders; civil rights and the battle for equality have men and women of every race up and arms. Specifically, the fight against sexism is the most modern struggle in America. Discrimination against women is harmful to both men and women; it holds women back into a useless position and forces men to take the brunt of the work. Men are expected to work, but women are almost expected not to, and instead "be nothing more than dangling, decorative ornaments--non-thinking and virtually non-functional” (Chisholm 4). There is progress to be made in the American society in its attitude and treatment of women. Gender inequality continues to be a social problem in the business, family, and personal lives of women. Reaching equality in the business world is the main idea feminism was built around several centuries ago. Women have fought for equality since the creation of America under the idea of feminism, or true equality between the sexes. In the 18th century, women had little to no rights; they could not vote, serve on a jury, or work in many professions. The jobs that women were allowed into were small and menial tasks, for which they were paid nearly half of what a man was paid for the same work. The initial feminist movement is often overlooked since it was tied to the abolition movement, or the fight against slavery. The first women’s rights convention was held in 1848 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an ... ... middle of paper ... ...s immoral, but undoubtedly the most outstanding example of gender discrimination in American society. Gender inequality has proven to be a large obstacle in many aspects of women’s lives. America has made large progress over several decades, providing mostly equal pay, mostly equal rights, and mostly equal opportunities. However, in a first world society like America, mostly equal does not mean enough. Women and men are inherently different creatures, but does that mean that inequality will always exist in one way or another? Are there some forms of inequality that are acceptable? According to the Encyclopedia of Governance, “answers depend on the degree to which one thinks women's and men's capacities differ, what should be equalized, and by what means” (ENCYCLOPEDIA). One thing is certain though; there is still progress to be made towards true gender equality.

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