Gender Discrimination : A Long Period Of Time Throughout History

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Gender discrimination has been happening for a very long period of time throughout history. Although it has improved throughout the years, many people are still being discriminated due to their gender. Sex or gender discrimination is defined as “individuals treated differently in their employment specifically because an individual is a woman or man” (“Sex/Gender Discrimination”). Many gender discriminations happen at work places and deal with salaries, work positions, and being hired or promoted. Sex discrimination come in many different forms such as sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, work situations, and employment policies (“Sex Based”). According to statistics provided by the Nation Bureau of Economic Research and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, it can be seen that women are usually the target in gender discrimination. There are many ways in which women have been discriminated at their work place. In the past women have had a weak image set to them and have been deem not able to work as well as men. They have also been discriminated due to maternity leave which employers believe to affect their job (Larson). Women used to be banned from joining the army because it was said that women were too weak to survive the military. Gender discrimination is something that should not be happening in work places as well as any other places. Being discriminated because of someone’s gender is an unfair and unjust act that should be abolished completely. There are many discrimination dealing with unfairness towards women in workplaces. Among the unjust treatments in a workplace, the one most heard of is unequal pay. Women are being paid less than men despite having the same job and producing the same result. In a resea... ... middle of paper ... ...ill many issues dealing with this topic. A person should not be discriminated because of their gender. At a workplace, people should be paid based on their skills and qualifications instead of their gender. It is inequitable and unreasonable to discriminate someone because they are male or female. Both gender should be treated equally and not be labeled as anything because of their gender. Women should not be looked down upon as weak or incompetent. Although people may think that gender discrimination does not occur anymore since the world has progressed, there are still a number of cases dealing with gender discrimination, such as the case dealing with Microsoft and the New York Times. Gender discrimination is something that should not be happening because it is absurd and wrong. People deserve to be treated equally whether it is at a workplace or anywhere else.

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