Gatwick Executive Summary

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Gatwick’s business areas:
1. Security: Airport security consists of two main areas. Security regulation supports the ‘front-line’ security staff by providing specialist advice, processes and procedures that enable everybody to fulfil the legal requirements set for the airport. Security operations are primarily responsible for the day-to-day screening of passengers, staff and baggage, ensuring that both Department for Transport (DfT) and customer service standards are achieved.

2. Airside operations teams: Airside operations manage all aircraft movements on the airfield. The department is also responsible for vehicle traffic within the airport perimeter, runway lighting and control, liaising with ground handlers and service providers to ensure that all aspects of health, safety and aviation requirements are met and sustained. …show more content…

Engineering: Engineering is a central function at Gatwick whose role is to manage all airport assets in an effective and efficient way. From large pieces of equipment like the shuttle, to smaller assets such as hand dryers, they’re here to protect our airport and maintain a safe environment for both staff and passengers, in line with UK and EU legislation.

4. Construction and development teams: Gatwick’s development team is working to deliver a new kind of Gatwick. They assess the airports current and future needs and then make it happen in a sustainable way. There are five teams that make up Gatwick’s development team these are Investment strategy & planning, North, south terminals and airfield programme teams, Project controls and technical services and Development engineering team.

5. Commercial team: The commercial team which covers retail, property, marketing and airline business development, focuses on three areas: commercial business development who manage our major business partner relationships across all areas, developing new revenue, marketing the Gatwick brand and delivering growth.
6. Corporate affairs and

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