Aviation Security

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Airport Security around the world is an integral part of the modern times, the global web of people traveling for fun, business, adventure, and commodities are a way of life for many. Goods that were once scarce, or not available in certain parts of the world, merely twenty years ago for the general population are now easily attainable. Businesses are known to have meetings take place in various locations worldwide for their representatives. With all this moving of people from around the world who watches out for their safety as they access the plane from the different gates at the various worldwide Airports. Security personnel are the most recognizable entity prior to passengers accessing planes. Everybody knows theses personnel, they’re always telling people to take off their shoes, belts, all metal objects out of pockets, everyone rolls there eyes making snide remarks, or uploading videos to “Youtube” showing how the Airport Security groped then during a pat down. These personnel who make people feel as if they need to be stripping down to near nakedness, or in some special cases where people do come to the metal detector in bikinis, prior to getting to the terminal gate. Most will think. Wow! What a waste of money Airports are losing in paying these people, but do you know those security personnel are the last, and only, line of defense between the passenger and potential disaster in the air at thirty thousand feet. For every snide remark a passenger makes, they are thwarting a potential threat by locating someone’s knife, box cutter, lighter, or other item being detected through a pat down security check or a handheld metal detector; or though an X-Ray machine where bags are screened and objects that could cause potenti... ... middle of paper ... ...or their alternative - patdowns. They will also be subject to random full screening so terrorists don't exploit the program to get on planes.” (Daniel Prendergast and Joseph Straw NEWS; Pg. 14) these measures should make flying bearable, maybe even brining the fun back to flying. In conclusion one should be aware of the important job of the aviation security professional. They are not recognized or respected by many but for the amount of planes that go in the air everyday, there are rarely any instances in the skies. Bibliography: • The Daily Telegraph (London) November 29, 2010 Monday Edition 2 National Edition Predictable security at airports 'makes it easier for terrorists BYLINE: David Millward SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 11 • FLYING TO GET FRIENDLIER, & COSTLIER, FOR 'TRUSTED TRAVELERS' BYLINE: By Daniel Prendergast and Joseph Straw SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 14
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