Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Soto's Oranges

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The Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Soto's Oranges

Imagine that it's winter and cold outside. There's nervous electricity around you, and love is a new and exciting experience. In your heart you feel warmth you've never known before. This is the moment Gary Soto captures in his poem "Oranges". The feeling and power of adolescent love is created using tone, contrasting imagery, and symbolism.

First, the use of tone in "Oranges" clearly helps to set the theme of the poem. Children often talk with simple sentences that directly state what happened. The speaker's choice of words and raw simplicity in the way he tells his story illustrates his youth and the honesty that comes with it. Everything he says, such as "The first time I walked with a girl, I was twelve", is straightforward and simple, much like childhood love. Children tend to have more pure and simple feelings for one another than adults because their lives are simple and uncomplicated. The tone of the speaker helps the reader comprehend those simple feelings of adolescent love.

For his next technique, Gary So...

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