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  • Free College Essays - The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

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    the door staring at him. His soul is caught under the bird shadow as he passes away and it is lifted up to heaven and his fair Lenore. Poe uses midnight and December for the time the story takes place because both represent an end to something, and alsothe anticipation of something new. A new year comes after midnight, also a new day; and December represents the end of a year. Finally when I picture the room the narrator is positioned in and  remembering the past, remembering how weak and weary he felt

  • Harvest of Joy

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    and to harvest the vegetables.  If I sustained the garden, the garden would sustain me.  But my relationship with our garden has grown much more complicated than that.  Over time, the garden has sustained me more than I have sustained it. In December, my father suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.  His heart stopped twice during the operation, and he was not expected to survive.  He had an intensive recovery period, and I wanted nothing more than to make him better immediately.  His

  • The Morphing of Child Pornography

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    children, (2) to protect the privacy of actual children whose innocuous images are altered to create sexually explicit images and (3) to deprive child abusers of a "criminal tool" frequently used to facilitate the sexual abuse of children. On December 17, 1999, in Free Speech Coalition v. Reno, the Ninth Circuit struck down the law as a content-based restriction on protected speech not in furtherance of any compelling governmental interest because the prohibited images are not of actual children

  • Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Soto's Oranges

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    The Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Soto's Oranges Imagine that it's winter and cold outside. There's nervous electricity around you, and love is a new and exciting experience. In your heart you feel warmth you've never known before. This is the moment Gary Soto captures in his poem "Oranges". The feeling and power of adolescent love is created using tone, contrasting imagery, and symbolism. First, the use of tone in "Oranges" clearly helps to set the theme of the poem. Children often talk

  • Writing Techniques in Poe's The Raven

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    in "the bleak December" (7). The supernatural is referred to through the words "ghost" (8), "angels" (11, 81, 95), "Plutonian" (47), "soul" (19, 56, 93, 99,107), "ominous" (70), "unseen censer" (79), "prophet" (85, 91), "thing of evil" (85, 91), "devil" (85, 91), and "demon" (105). The time of night and the inhospitable weather outside allow no escape from the speaker's chamber which becomes a chamber of horror. Contrast intensifies the sense of gloom. The windy, bleak, December night is contrasted

  • The Raven Power

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    (In Poe's work the physical setting often reflects the inner personality or emotion of the central character.) The poem begins at midnight in December–the last moment of a spent day in the final month of the year. Internally and externally, it is a time of death and decay. Even the "dying" fireplace embers reflect the moribund atmosphere. The setting is contained and claustrophobic–a single room

  • Stealing in The Grapes of Wrath

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    example of someone who steals even though they can afford it is Winona Ryder. On November 6, 2002, Winona Ryder was found guilty of felony grand theft and vandalism for shop lifting $5,500 of merchandise from Beverly Hill's Saks Fifth Avenue in December of 2001. It was said that Ryder had "intent to steal" because "she brought her own burglary tools," including scissors to remove garment tags, a garment bag, and a plastic bag filled with nothing but tissue paper for wrapping up items.

  • Technology's Effect on Our Lives

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    Joyce sat down on his muddy boulder looking up into the ominous, infinite sky thinking how technology is addictive. Anzo, his neighbor, an amiable guy spots Joyce sitting alone with no one to console him. "Hey Joyce! What are you doing, buddy? What are you upset with?" Anzo questions him. "My brother just won't detach himself from his laptop and his electronic gadgets to play with me on the swings," his dismal mood deteriorates. "I get you, technology is a malevolent weapon that is bringing people

  • Comparing Dreams in Catcher in the Rye, Night, and Their Eyes Were Watching God

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    he wants to preserve the innocence. That's why he likes Phoebe so much, because she's still young and youthful, and most importantly innocent. The novel charts Holden's experiences over a long period of time. It starts on a Saturday in December just before school closes for Christmas break. He has been informed of his expulsion from Pencey Prep School. What worries him most about being kicked out of school is his parents' reaction, for he has already been expelled from other educational

  • Admissions Essay - The Art of Medicine

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    leave physicians tracking blood pressure readings and calibrating Prozac prescriptions. There's no time for wisdom in an HMO, or so the wiser and more ancient of current physicians lament. So it was with certain trepidation that I spent a day last December in an internist's office. The morning started slowly, with a 63 year old woman with a history of hypertension, back in the office four months after her pills ran out. Her blood pressure, not surprisingly, was high. The doctor reminded her, wearily

  • Brothers Grimm

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    When the word “fairytale” is mentioned, nearly everyone thinks of light-hearted stories with friendly characters and happy endings. However, these are not the ideas that classic fairytales originally sparked. In fact, numerous modern Disney movies were based off stories that were not so sugar coated. In the 19th century, the Brothers Grimm were responsible for multiple of these popular children’s tales. The Disney remakes of classic fairytales such as Cinderella, Tangled, and Snow White exclude the

  • What Does It Take to Be a Hero

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    Webster’s definition of a hero is, a person who is admired for great or brave acts ("Hero."). This is a basic definition because in actuality the definition of hero is more complex. A hero is someone who is selfless. In spite of the dangers or fears of what may happen, a hero will still do the right thing. A hero is someone who sees something that needs to be done and does it no matter the cost to themselves. In order for someone to be considered a hero they must be completely selfless. They must

  • 1984 Final Essay: Privacy Is a Luxury of the Past

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    You’re being watched- everything you do is being recorded by the government. One might think the sentence before is referring to to a dystopian novel, such as 1984, only, it’s not. This is a startling truth of the twenty-first century. Along with rapidly advancing technology, the government is following the average American citizen closer. To the shock of the public in June 2013, Edward Snowden released information concerning a government programme, the National Security Agency, that has been listening

  • Materialism and Commercialization of Christmas

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    fat man with a stomach that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. Centuries ago, Christians developed a tradition of celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday. Although Christians were unsure of the exact date of Christ's birth, they officially declared December 25th as the day they would celebrate it. The holiday began simply as a day in which families would spend quality time together, reflecting on Jesus' life, giving thanks to God for sending his "one and only son." One might ask, where did the

  • Disenchantment with the Modern Age in Yeats' No Second Troy

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    as Helen of Troy externalizes his blame by exposing the modern age's lack of courage and inability to temper Maud Gonne's headstrong heroism and timeless beauty. Yeats wrote this poem in December of 1908, comparatively early in his lifelong relationship with Maud Gonne. In a letter to his father dated December 29, 1908, Yeats writes from Paris and mentions lunching with Maud Gonne that afternoon . This is after a three year period in which Maud Gonne distanced herself socially after the failure

  • Analysis of Poe’s The Raven

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      Poe does not wish for his readers to stand on the sidelines and watch the goings on, but actually be in the library with the narrator, hearing what he hears and seeing what he sees.  Using words and phrases such as “midnight dreary” and “bleak December” Poe sets the mood and tone, by wanting his readers to feel the cold night and to reach for the heat of the “dying embers” of the fireplace.  You do not come into this poem thinking daffodils and sunshine, but howling winds and shadows.  By using

  • Importance of Language in The Catcher in the Rye

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    indescribable emotion or action like, "... how my parents were occupied and all before they had me" and "...they're nice and all." Many times there is no significance at all to the expressions as in "...was in the Revolutionary War and all," "It was December and all," and " gloves or anything." (Salinger 5-7) Not only does Holden speak like this at the beginning of the novel, but also throughout the entire novel, making this pattern a part of his character. Therefore, the "and all" and "or anything"

  • The Warmest December

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    The Warmest December The Warmest December is a story of a young girl and her family as they move through an abusive past with an alcoholic man. Kenzie struggles through childhood only to find that she has started to become her father, Hy-Lo. She visits him daily and relives painful moments from her past at his bedside. The book is filled with difficult accounts of her physical and emotional abuse as she grows up. This paper will discuss the topics of recovery and forgiveness after a troubled past

  • Reach Out WorldWide

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    What is poverty? Depending upon where you live, the definition of poverty could vary significantly. In the U.S., we tend to define poverty as not having enough money for life’s necessities such as food, clothing, shelter or medical needs. In other countries, poverty is much bigger than money. It is also about not having the physical means in which to better one’s life. There are many areas of the world where the most basic needs like clean drinking water, proper sanitation and medical care are just

  • A Comparison of Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent

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    A Comparison of Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent This essay consists of two separate parts but the intention is that both these parts will prove to be relevant from the point of view of what this essay sets out to study. The first part will present Joseph Conrad's life and some of his works and the latter part will consist of a comparison of two of Conrad's works, Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent. In this essay I will begin from two assumptions, namely, that both the works mentioned