French Revolution In Canada

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The outbreak in France that led to the revolt, known as the French revolution, and the long and tedious process that pushed Canada into nationhood were events going down in history as moments that recognized the hardships of creating a better union. However, both events did not follow the same path in order to create a better system for their country. The establishment of the Canadian Confederation differed from the creation of the French Republic based on both political, social and economical reasons.

When comparing both voting systems established in France and Canada, the system in France made their people desire for a change more than the voting system in Canada. The voting system for France was established in a way that it would be unfair …show more content…

What stirred the idea of a French Revolution was the fact that it all started with the physical acts done by the people of their nation. One event that was argued to be the start of it all was the “Fall of the Bastille”. The event initially happened so that the people could get access to gunpowder and release the seven remaining prisoners, but it advanced into something more complex and violent. As said in Crossroads, “French people openly expressed their displeasure with the government” (Cranny 72). This movement became a way for the people to release their anger and emotions towards their assembly. What caused the French Revolution to be such a historical moment was the revolt of their own people, but when comparing that to the led up of the Canadian Confederation, there was a noticeable difference. According to Cranny et al. in Horizons, “The Confederation stirred emotions for many reasons. Perhaps because it raised questions about identity. In particular, the question of a Canadian identity” (81). The people of Canada mainly focused on ways they could create a strong central government that would benefit everyone. The people of Canada East and Canada West certainly did not agree on a lot of decisions but declared independence without having a huge

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