Free Tuition Option For Low Income Students

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Free College Tuition
Why don’t all colleges make free tuition option for low income students? Some colleges are expensive, but they have a free tuition option. Some people say that if colleges are free, colleges will end up bankrupt. Others say that is not true because they earn money from different directions, such as from the state government, federal government, nonprofit organizations and other governmental and non-governmental institutions. A well-educated people can change the world. So everyone has to be accountable, especially organizations or governors of higher education institutions. They have to be responsible for providing equivalent education for all students who are able to pay or not. Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, in “What these colleges are doing on tuition is better than Stanford” says, “Stanford University has received a lot of attention for offering free tuition to students whose families make less than $125,000- throwing in free room and board for those earning less than $65,000” Stanford University is a good example that announced free tuition for students who cannot afford to pay for their education (Douglas-Gabriel). Stanford’s offer is a big opportunity, for the students to place themselves on a good future path. These kinds of offers would be a great assistance for the students who are not able to pay college tuition. However, these few colleges are not enough to fulfill the number of students who need free tuition. As we know, more students need more colleges with free tuition. Stanford University is a good model to inspire other colleges. Therefore, more colleges should create a free tuition option for students who are not able to pay for their tuition.
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...llege degree, but the job would have a low salary and have exposure to recession. Also, even if they are working without their profession they are not going to be fired and they have a choice to look for another job that requires their profession. As the author mentioned most jobs require a college degree. Therefore, people need to have a college degree. To accomplish that all colleges should be free for all students who can’t afford college tuition.
To give people more employment opportunities, colleges should offer free tuition. A free tuition could be a benefit for students and graduates can make more money. To get all of the benefits and to fulfill people’s needs, people should be educated. All colleges give free tuition for the students who are looking for college but can’t afford college tuition. Having free tuition at many colleges is a benefit to students.
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