Flexibility at Workplaces

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In modern firms, flexibility at workplace are now viewed as an effective organizational structure. According to the definition in the article ‘too much of a good thing’, it highlights flexibility as the ability to adapt to changing needs both effectively and efficiently. Organisations that embrace flexibility may be caused by factors such as the advanced technology by which the various ways of how organisations can now communicate with one another without having to be in the same building. For that reason, do employee feel that they have to be ten feet away from their manager’s office when delivering a message, or easily send an e-mail using their blackberries while still being on the job at home. This assignment will examine flexible organisation structure and the impact it has both on employees and employers. By using many materials this assignment will present a solid argument whether or not the statement “flexibility is good for employers and bad for employees” is entirely accurate. And to what extend this statement is valid. As stated by The rise of the network organ...
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