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1. INTRODUCTION This report comprises of the explanation of two different companies working in different market fields, the two companies I’ve chosen are Primark and Samsung I am going to write about the influence of the 4vs which are the volume of output, variation in demand for output, visibility of production, and variety of output. I am also going to look at the performance objectives in each of the companies. Example, for a given year and how they are able to reach their objectives, and also the effect on the cost efficiency of the operations. 1.1 The 4vs The volume of out The volume of their operation is important to how their business is organised. Essential to their operation is the repeatability of the tasks their employees are doing as well as the systemisation of the work, where standards and procedures drive the way in which each part of the job is carried out. This combination provides a low cost base. For example McDonalds; are well-known for high volume low cost hamburger and fast food production. The variety of output How many different types of products or services are made by the operation? A very good example to describe the variety of output is the contrast between a taxi and a bus services. Both of this offers appointed transportation services but a taxi services has a v higher variety of output, as that of a taxi that stop to pick and drop you wherever you needed to go. Than that of a bus services that has tameable of where to go and what way is needed to followed. The variety of output and flexibility is high for a taxi and very low for a bus. The visibility of production This refers to the customer’s ability to see and track their experience or the order through the operation’s process. A very high... ... middle of paper ... ...with a return policy’s. Guarantee to their customers. However customers trust both support the need for high value, operations must be ensure that their production are high of quality and usually undamaged. Flexibility Flexibility is important of firms an operation that enables it to react to their customers quickly and efficiently. Some companies use they two types of flexibility: the customization or the volume flexibility. Customization is usually the ability to satisfy the unique needs of each customer by changing products or services design, with different features, or making them look unique. Primark’s uses both operations. To satisfy their customers need. While volume flexibility is the ability to quicken the rate of their productions to handle large variations in is usually important for operations. Both companies use both operations.

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