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Flexible work is a roster that constantly changing compared to job with a work schedule was prescribed the time example between hours 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Among types time job that is flexible is job sharing, part time, compressed hours, flextime, annualized hours, and staggered hours. According to Cherlin 2002, flexible job time basis concept is to help staff using working hours they by better so that they can work full-time, but not necessarily in office within time official work
Job sharing is an employment that where done by two workers to resolve a by making division hour in one day for example two assistant account given one week to complete account of a company and when the assignment completed, so wage also will be given. Part time is a tabulation given right to staff by employers to choose working hours that to they are suitable. Schedule for the part-time usually minimum is 4 hours and remainder follow to employee's capability itself. Among for example is job as marketing officer housing, insurance and others more that where they will take right time to carry out design task because this job also premised commission. There is also part-time job that salary paid according to their total work in one month for example sales assistant in hypermarket.
Compressed hours is international companies that is famous but conduct their business activity in Malaysia. Workers that work in this firm will work full-time but in few days only in a week for most these companies carrying out business activity according to time national them. For example business analyst system that given working hours for 4 nights only in one week because at that time overseas business activities is actively being carried out. Among example of company is of China ...

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..., it can give pressure that is extreme to staff because employee also not only have stress problem placed work in fact other problems also lots like family problems, finance and others more. The researchers find that time flexible job enhance and advance employee's moral and at the same time can reduce employee absence number and usage overtime (Nadler et al. 2005).
Balancing achievement between job responsibility and family is part of job satisfaction. Employer should encourage policy that could help worker, especially womenfolk to off-set by better between job responsibility and family. Therefore, employee responsibility to families become very important. Flextime method could have big effect to employee satisfaction on their daily life. Flexible job time method usage must encourage among employer, whether public or private to can gain productive labor force.

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