First Battle Of Plymouth Colony Essay

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“Edward Wingfield, Bartholomew Gosnold, John Ratcliffe, George Kendall, and John Smith—found themselves wrestling for control of the colony”—John Smith.This quote explains how their own people were fighting against each other.The Englishman's colonies were named “English colony” and was established on May 14, 1607. Which was later named Jamestown after a military expedition.“All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprise and overcome with answerable courage” ― William Bradford. This quote explains how every great achievement comes with great struggles. The original name was plimouth another name spelling of Plymouth;established in 1620 and was named after their port of departure. Jamestown was settled by Englishmen and boys in North America. Plymouth was settled by 100 Puritan Separatist Pilgrims. Jamestown is …show more content…

Now in Jamestown 2017, there are more than 31,077 people. Plymouth's population in 1620 was 3,055 people. Now in Plymouth 2017, there are more than 261,500. Even though that Plymouth was established years later, the population managed and grew dramatically. Jamestown had three major battles. The first battle was “the battle of green spring.” The second battle was “the battle of samichon river.” The third battle was “the battle of Lenin's Ferry.” In Plymouth there was one major battle and that was “the battle of Plymouth of 1864.” The difference between Jamestown and Plymouth is thirteen years. Jamestown is known to be established thirteen earlier than Plymouth. Plymouth had hardly anything and Jamestown had anchorage and a good defensive position. There were only three things that Plymouth and Jamestown had in common. The first thing in common was a relationship with native Americans. The second thing in common was an established legislative government. The last thing in common was that both towns were involved in a joint stock trading

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