Financial Finance Personal Statement

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I became an enthusiast of finance ever since I was at high school. At the political economy class, my teacher asked us: if you have a million RMB, how would you use it? She then introduced us the concept of investment, and I was intrigued specifically by the stock. For the latter two years of my high school, I have been reading books and articles regarding the stock market in the U.S. and in China. As one of the outstanding students ranked top 1% in College Entrance Exam in Hainan Province, China, I was accepted by the City University of Hong Kong with a full scholarship. With the strong interest in finance, I chose quantitative finance and risk management as my major.
A turning point in my sophomore year made my career development path clearer. I interned at a listed trust company located in Shenzhen. My boss graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in risk management. From him I learned that trust earns the highest profit among financial services in mainland China, but risk management
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Master of Science in Finance is exactly what I am looking for. On one hand, I may narrow the gap between my current knowledge and what the risk management career requires through CUHK’s well-designed curriculums in a year. On the other hand, a master’s degree can add credibility to our capability and demonstrate competence straightforward. In addition, CUHK is renowned excellence in the Hong Kong and global market gives her students an advantage in building social networks and personal brands. Therefore, I am applying for the full time MSc in Finance Program in CUHK. I hope that I can be a better professional in the financial world under CUHK’s comprehensive training, and I believe that I will be a great contributor to the CUHK community as a self-driven learner and
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