Personal Statement: Accounting And Finance

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Personal Statement

As an undergraduate who studies accounting and finance. I started to learn about accounting and finance since 2013 when I was in A-level. At that time, we have been asking to present business news in each economic class. It has motives me to gathering finical information from The Economist and BBC The world business News report. The experiences of working as an intern at the Bank of HEBEI in 2013 and PWC in 2016 have encouraged me to become a professional accountant. All these had given me a great opportunity to know accounting and finance comprehensively and also reinforce my determination of continue studying accounting and finance. Therefore, I have decided to apply for your postgraduate degree course to further
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Modules I am taking include Economics For Business, Financial Reporting, Management accounting and polio analysis. It includes other modules relating to marketing, finance, and management which expands my knowledge beyond accounting and finance and allow me the opportunity to look at financial market from multiple perspectives. One of my favorite subjects is Economics for Business and I got 70% in overall. I am also attracted by the charm of programming and able to solve some mathematical problems according to programming. During the study of financial modelling, I tried to find an easier way to calculate some investment models and pictured some K line graph by programming. I also got high marks in coursework of financial modeling (82) and corporate finance (90). To be excellent in investing in the stock market, real estates and other fields, I aspire to carry on my graduate study in the field of accounting and finance to make rational investment decisions. The Quantitative management and portfolio analysis enhance my comprehension of accounting principles and the investment strategies. This will contribute towards my further study of accounting and finance. I successfully completed Year 1 of my BA (Hons) Economics course with an aggregate mark of 62%. This year, I am expecting that I can achieve a 2.1 class…show more content…
I have applied the IFRS to audit half-year income statement and statement of finical position from domestic sub-company or oversea branches. This allows me to understand the difficultly of dealing with accounting report form different nations. For example, we have to negotiate each report from the U.S. with their reporter by phone. It would take incredibly long time to explain the difference in order to adjust the figures in the reports. During the stuff training, we have been taught that to be professional at everywhere and anytime. Moreover, I realise that the most important feature to be a professional accountancy is responsibility. This is because that a unit of misallocation will cost other team number a huge amount of work to correct it. The experience of taking notes of weekly conferences between senior managers and PWC partner has indicates that how does change in financial policy influence the accounting treatment. For instant, since vice-perminster Mr Le Ke Qiang who visited China Construction Bank at earlier May. He point out that the Rate of Non-Performing Loans could not exceed 7% in the “BIG Four” Chinese bank. This has led Chinese bank to relax its accounting standard of credit rating. It allows me to understand the relationship between government and financial
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