Reflection Of Personal Finance

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Personal Finance
Personal Finance is a class I’ve wanted to take for a while now. My major is Finance not because I want a career in finance but more to learn about finance for my own personal situation. This class taught me so much! During this class I was able to evaluate my financial situation and set financial goals for myself. The four topics that helped me the most were emergency savings, buying a car, purchasing a home, retirement, and estate planning. After completing this class I have a better understanding of these topics and how to achieve my financial goals.
Emergency savings Personal financial planning is important because it helps you prepare financially for the future. My first short-term financial goal is to have an 8-month emergency savings account. This class helped me understand the important steps needed to achieve my financial goals. “Successful financial planning requires specific goals combined with spending, saving, investing, and borrowing strategies based on your personal situation and various social and economic factors, especially inflation and interest rates” (Kapoor, Dlabay & Hughes, 2012). First I evaluated my spending habits. This allowed me to see where I was
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Some fixed costs are depreciation, interest, insurance, & fees. Some variable costs are gasoline, tires, and maintenance on the vehicle. “The largest fixed expense associated with a new automobile is depreciation, the loss in the vehicle’s value due to time and use”(Kapoor, Dlabay & Hughes, 2012). An automobile purchases price might be cheap but when factoring in the fixed and variable cost the automobile could possibly cost more than expected. Websites like can help research and compare vehicle costs. This website shows the shopper how much it cost to own the vehicle for 5 years. When researching a vehicle to purchase it is important to consider these costs in order to make a good
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