Film Analysis Of 'The Maze Runner'

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Escape After watching “The Maze Runner”, my eyes opened to see how a movie with mystery can explode into action instantly. The story is interesting and the plot is juicier. This is a movie that I feel that can fascinate and relate to any viewer. Although, this movie was not directed by Steven Spielberg, Wes Ball did an outstanding job on it and it is now a personal favorite of mine. If you like mystery and action, then this popular 2014 film is a must see because I felt hungry for more. The set design was upstanding. It was built on a farm in St Francis/Jackson Louisiana stood the massive set. Most movies I watch I can predict when the setting changes and how the characters will act, but not this one. The set constantly changes. In addition to the set, is its way to incorporate all aspects, even the environment not just the main characters. I think that is how most movies go from okay to worse. After a movie builds suspense it is ineffective because the setting lacks environment, music, or story, but in The Maze Runner the setting works in all scenes. Costumes in “The Maze Runner” was survival instinct type clothes. Something you would wear on a hike. During the opening scene I saw the other characters’ costumes and how they looked more worn and faded compared to the main characters’. Authority on the glade was determined by how worn out or…show more content…
His music flows from one scene to the next was incredible. When huge scenes start, the music erupts to add texture to the story as a whole. During the suspenseful buildups the music was relaxed, and once when the then boom right into action. Ultimately, the music adds much needed anticipation for the next scene whether if it is an escalated fight or important dialogue between characters. Without the music the movie would be just a movie missing a key component and a viewer could not feel the suspense buildups or other impacts in the
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