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Hey you, Yeah… YOU! Would you want to live in a society where you live in a box for your entire life, and mean absolutely nothing to the just about anyone? For science right? NOPE! Obviously, Societies fall as a result of a corrupt government, Failing Social Structure, and Sickness. It is due to these factors that many great societies such as Greece, Rome, and the society depicted in the book Maze Runner fall.
Corrupt leaders and the governments laws are a major factor as to why societies fall. The society depicted in Maze Runner was very top heavy in and outside of the maze, and mainly controlled by this association who went by the name of W.I.C.K.E.D. Nazi Germany fell almost because of the same thing, their leader Hitler hungered for power and basically made it so whatever he said was law.The evidence of a collapsing social system is very evident throughout the story Maze Runner. For example “‘Gardens-where we grow crops...Blood house-Where we raise and slaughter the animals...’The grievers will kill you all-one every night till it’s over!’”(Pg. 43 and 256) This shows that they need people to do their jobs and the society inside of the Glade was very dependent upon whether or not they have people to work in places like the blood house, and that without enough people to support everyone else by doing their job the society will collapse very quickly.
Almost the same thing was happening in Germany, For example Germany’s leader made everything sound good but ended up going to extreme measures for ‘peace’ which led to his downfall, and he also only did things that mainly benefited himself and his followers. “During this era, the leaders of this society and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three ‘minorities’ as part...

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...downfall.Mostly societies fall due to whoever is leading them, like in Athens they were told to retreat inside of the walls which lead to an outbreak that killed ⅓ of the city’s population.Although trying to make a “perfect” society never ends up working out, we can learn from our mistakes and always try to make ours better. As I once said, “It is not possible to create a perfect society for imperfect beings.”

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