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Describe feedburners and RSS as they relate to blog sites.
In relation to blog sites, feedburner is a web feed management provider that provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to the blogs. Feedburner provides subscription stats and powerful overrides for bloggers to use. Feedburner can also be used to allow readers to receive their favorite blog posts by email. RSS is a web feed format to publish up-to-date information in blogs. RSS is like subscribing to the blog feeds periodically where news and blog posts are published and delivered to RSS Reader every time your favorite blog as made some new updates.
What are the purposes and benefits of comment moderation on blog sites?
Comments are part of the blog’s content for as long as the …show more content…

For instance is a domain name for travel site is “asimplejourney.com”, then that domain name serves as an address that can be used to access the website. Usually domain name are preceded by “www”, then the the domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser and ends with suffix such as “.com”. Owning a domain for a site means owning a unique digital address for your blog. Having your own domain for a site shows a high level of professionalism and an expression that you are seriously invested in the blogsite. It will help site build itself as a brand, make it recognizable and boost the site in search engine …show more content…

In online marketing, a shopping cart refers to the e-commerce software that allows customers to add the probably purchasable item on the “cart” and upon check-out the software calculates total for the order, applicable tax and shipping and handling. In a nutshell, shopping cart software is like the check-out counter at the store. Most eCommerce shopping carts provide the basic fundamental functions of product addition and final cost calculation. There are also some fully featured shopping cart software that includes an all-in-one solution that will have all the tools needed to build and run an online storefront. By blog is based on travel and food. If I were to integrate products to my site, that would be food or dry grocery items. In relation to my site, I would select Shopify. Shopify is cost effective for small business and has everything needed launch, run and manage a successful e-commerce business. It’s an all-in-one solution software that has inventory management, marketing tools, and back-end functionality, on top of the regular payment processing

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