Famous Playwright or Just a Fake?

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William Shakespeare is regarded as one of the most talented and famous playwrights of all time. But there is research being conducted to try to prove that he did not write or produce his own plays or poetry. Many historians and English writing experts believe that he used someone else’s ideas, wrote them down and produced them. Many people believe that he even stole plays from other people. From what we know about him—which is not a lot—he was not highly educated which leads people to believe that he could not have written his spectacular plays. Is William Shakespeare a fake or just extremely lucky and talented?
William Shakespeare was baptized on April 26th 1565 in Stratford-upon-Avon. Historians do not know his exact birth date, but do know when he was baptized. Researchers do not know exactly what school he went to but it is most commonly thought that he attended King’s New School in Stratford because it was only one fourth of a mile away from his home: “Shakespeare would have studied Latin language, literature and history, and some Greek in upper school. He would have read classic Greek plays and stories. “It is certain that Shakespeare did not go to university, but he must have paid attention in his years at grammar school for his plays regularly contain references to classical myths and history.”(Johnson 1) At age eighteen he married Ann Hathaway who was twenty six. He started producing plays, as far as historians know, by 1592 making him twenty seven years old when he produced his first works. Shakespeare was also an actor. Some of the documentation historians have about Shakespeare is the critiques of how awful of an actor he was. The main place where he acted and put on his plays was the Globe
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... middle of paper ... There is not a lot known about Shakespeare, but what historians do know lead some people to believe it would not be possible for him to write his own plays.
The truth is historians may never know who truly wrote William Shakespeare’s works. There is no concrete evidence linking his work to another person other than himself writing them. All three of theories that are most commonly accepted among historians have good points and ideas, but none can determine whether or not they are accurate. William Shakespeare is still regarded as one of the best playwrights and authors of all time. Unless someone finds a document proving otherwise he will always be remembered for his amazing works. If someone did discover that he was a fake it would greatly alter theatre history. Until some written document is found, which many never happen, the mystery may never be solved.
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