Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare in Love

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William Shakespeare was born in Stratford on Avon, England, in April of 1564 to Mary and John Shakespeare. He was the third child and the eldest son. His father was a tanner, glove-maker, and trader in wool and other precious commodities. William attended the Stratford Grammar school where he studied and received substantial training in Latin. He was married on November 27, 1582, to a woman named Anne Hathaway, who was eight years older than he was. In May of 1583, the couple's first daughter, Susanna was born. The couple had twins in February of 1585, Hamnet and Judith. Throughout his life, Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays, and several poems and sonnets. He was also an actor for a short while. Several of Shakespears plays were performed at the famous Globe Theater in England. On April 23, 1616 Shakespeare died, he was buried at the church of Stratford on April 25, 1616. One of Shakespeare's most famous plays is Romeo and Juliet. I first read this play in my ninth grade English class. At the time, I remember how difficult it was for me to read it. The language was very different from what I was accustomed to reading it was as if it was a foreign language. At first we depended on my teacher to help interpret the play to us. After a little reading and adjusting to the language, I could read it on my own and understand it. This is when I actually began to like reading Shakespeare. I have also read Julius Caesar and Macbeth. Of the three plays that I have read, I like Romeo and Juliet the best. My first introduction to Romeo and Juliet was reading the original play by William Shakespeare. The play is about two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. These two families have a deep-rooted hatred for each other. The family's hatred towards each other is key in this play. Juliet comes from the Capulets and Romeo from the Montagues. Romeo and Juliet first meet at a masquerade ball that is being held at the Capulet's home. Upon first glance, the two immediately fall in love. They quickly figure out who comes from which family. They know that this is going to cause huge problems. Romeo and Juliet sneak off together so that they can talk and get to know each other a little better.

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  • Explains that william shakespeare was born in stratford on avon, england, in april of 1564 to mary and john shakespeare. his father was a tanner, glove-maker, and trader in wool and other precious commodities.
  • Narrates how they first read romeo and juliet in their ninth grade english class. after a little reading and adjusting to the language, they began to like reading shakespeare.
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