Hybrid Cocoa Essay

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The cocoa industry is made up of small scale family farms with low economic standings and a few large scale plantations which control the cocoa market. Due to large scale cocoa plantations small scale farms are struggling economically which has resulted in a fragile unsustainable society. The use of hybrid cocoa crops has made it easy for large scale plantation to control the market and remove negotiating leverage from small family farms. Family farms have grown accustomed to the use of child labor, and as a result have negatively influenced the education of many children in major cocoa producing countries. Family small scale farms have had to compete with better yielding crops and little wealth, in response they have grown accustomed to child…show more content…
The Amazon and Amelonado cocoa hybrid crop produces more cocoa seeds, has a lower gestation period, and has more than two harvest seasons (Boaher, Kwasi, Snijiders & Tolmer, 1999, p. 169). While this new practice produces a higher yield it is more expensive and requires farmers to use chemicals and new farming practices(Boaher, Kwasi, Snijiders & Tolmer, 1999, p. 169). Farmers social status is important “… in the adoption decision. Status is defined with respect to variables such as royalty, leadership and membership …high status farmers are expected to adopt hybrid cocoa because of the increased recognition the society will confer on them by maintaining their leadership role” (Boaher, Kwasi, Snijiders & Tolmer, 1999 p. 173). The main problem with adopting this new hybrid crop is the cost, because most cocoa farms are typically family run and small scale they are not able to afford it (Boaher, Kwasi, Snijiders & Tolmer, 1999, p. 169). While small farms can not afford this, big plantations are able to adopt this farming method and increase annual yield which increases the plantations wealth. This allows big plantations and companies to control the market and leaves little room for small scale farms to increase net profit, trapping them into a vicious cycle of…show more content…
Because larger scale plantations are able to sell a cheaper product it makes it almost impossible for small family farms to compete without cutting down net profits (Nelson & Galvez, 2000). In order for cocoa farmers in impoverished countries to increase national wealth they need to increase their productivity. Wealth in countries is directly correlated with the nations productivity, and in largely cocoa based nations efficiency in cocoa farms are very important. Wealth allows farmers a greater amount of leisure time to invest in education, health care, and capital equipment. While companies, like fair-trade, help provide farmers with health and fair crop prices to increase national wealth farmers have to increase productivity and increase capital investments (Nelson & Galvez, 2000). Educated citizens can advance nations to achieving a more economic and better developed society, which in return will change a vicious cycle into a virtuous one creating a more sustainable
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